Painted Hills Woodburning Art

by The Unicorn Lady




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Are you looking for a unique and personalized kind of art?

If you are, I can make it for you through Pyrographic (woodburning) Art. Pyrography means burning designs. And it can be done on wood, paper, gourds or leather. Up to now I have only used wood, mostly pine and basswood, but have used a few oak pieces.

With a high quality clear digital picture I can do most anything. Woodburning is an uncommon form of art, few people know it exists and we, pyrographers, hope to make it better sought after by art collectors. After seeing a few pictures of things I've done you will most likely agree that my art is top quality. Previous clients have been very satisfied with the outcome.

Depending on the detail of the picture it can take from a few hours up to days to complete. The process involves multiple steps. The picture is traced onto the wood using carbon paper. Then using different tips with the hot pen the picture is burned into the wood. After burning is completed I use soft creamy wood pencils, oil pastel sticks or watercolor pencils to color the image. And after it's completion every piece of wood is sprayed with a clear gloss spray to seal the beauty and color into the piece of wood.

So if you would like a personalized piece of art for your home or want to order one as a gift for a friend or family member feel free to inquire today.

Still not sure? Look at the pictures of a few pieces that I have already done. Most of my subjects have been horses but I am willing to try anything.

Thank you for looking into a Unique form of art.

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